Umm Bab Coast – a perfect (but not obvious!) anniversary trip! 16 March, 2022

Umm Bab Coast – a perfect (but not obvious!) anniversary trip!

Celebrating anniversary in Qatar without spending tons of money- is it possible?

Many people would say “no way”, because the most obvious ways to spend this important day involve heaps of money. Dinners in fancy restaurants, 7* cinema trips, staycations, treatments in spa… The list goes on. There are, however, other ways to celebrate which can be equally enjoyable and cost, well, next to nothing!

We used to be among the “high spender” crowd, but this year we opted for something different (and, as some might say, a bit unorthodox!) – we took a day off from our kids, just for ourselves, and ventured out to Umm Bab Coast. It’s a bit of a drive (ok, a VERY long drive of 1h20min from Lusail), but it was definitely worth it!

This part of Qatar’s coast was our go-to back in the days when we lived in Doha, and it was so refreshing to finally visit it again, and just the two of us.

We packed the basics (chairs, table, gazebo just in case, cooler and our shisha) and got food & drink in Sidra supermarket on the way (our anniversary lunch costed approx. 50 QAR, drinks and dessert included).

When we arrived, we were up for a surprise. Usually that part of the coast is calm and lake-like. This time, due to high wind, we were greeted by crashing waves. I think it’s the first time I saw those in Qatar!

The coast was pretty empty and we spent a lovely day there. Highly recommended as an alternative to expensive dinners and hotel spas!

Umm Bab Coast: What you need to know.


People confuse it with Umm Bab Beach but it’s NOT the same place! We have our favorite spot marked on google maps as “Rekik’s Beach” (here!), you can go there as long as you leave a 5* review 😉


 This beach is PERFECT for watching sunsets (+10 to romantic atmosphere!) because the sun sets directly at the sea.


 Some parts of both beach and sea bottom are rocky, you might need to drive around a bit to find the perfect spot.


Water on that side of Qatar is generally warmer than on the Fuwairit/Maroona/Azerbaijani side- works well now, but in the middle of the summer it gets TOO hot! 


Getting there requires some off-road driving, it is not too bad though – 4×4 is not necessary, a regular SUV will work just fine!


 There are no facilities at this beach. Bikinis are allowed, I also saw people coming with their dogs. 


 You can sometimes spot camels around that area. I was told they like to eat beach goers’ food, so beware 🙂


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