Family trips: our favorite destinations within a 40-minute drive from Lusail. 16 November, 2021

Family trips: our favorite destinations within a 40-minute drive from Lusail.

So you just moved to Lusail and probably started realizing how far you are from Doha. You noticed that places which were within the reach of your hand now require a 1-hour round trip, and that many of your favorite restaurants don’t deliver to you anymore.

But what if you look at it from a different perspective? Think about how many awesome places in Qatar are now much CLOSER to you, thanks to your move! Some of the places that you would usually disregard due to a ridiculously long drive are suddenly less than 30min away!

Which places, you might wonder.

I’m here to point you in the right direction! Below you will find our favorite places to visit within 40min drive from Lusail. 🙂

Note: drive times mentioned are calculated from Fox Hills North, where we live 🙂

Purple Island (Jazirat Bin Ghanim) (navigate to “Purple Island Parking”).

Approx. drive time from Lusail: 40min

Our rating: 4/5

Purple Island is your next destination if you crave to immerse yourself in wildlife and greenery! This small island, surrounded by a vast mangrove forest, is home to many species of birds, and the waters around it are full of tiny fish and crabs. It’s a perfect place for a walk, birdwatching, or kayaking.

USEFUL TIP: there are no facilities on the island (no bathrooms etc.) and no place to buy food / water nearby, so you need to come prepared!

Al Dhakira seaside

Approx. drive time: 35min

Our rating: 4.5/5

One of my favorite seaside spots in Qatar, I’m so happy that it’s much closer to where we live now! Al Dhakira seaside is an interesting merger between a beach and a promenade. It features a wide stretch of sand, but also benches, umbrellas, a playground, and even a bicycle track. Most people who are in the neighborhood drive to Al Khor corniche instead, which makes Al Dhakira pleasantly crowd-free.

USEFUL TIP: Take your own chairs & table if you’re set on having a picnic – there’s plenty of space, but benches are scarce.

Al Bayt Stadium park

Approx. drive time: 25min

Our rating: 3.5/5

Al Bayt Stadium is one of the football stadiums which were built for the 2022 World Cup taking place in Qatar. What makes Al Bayt Stadium stand out is the fact that it’s surrounded by a vast green area, known as Al Bayt Stadium park. We didn’t quite enjoy our first visit due to crowds (Friday evening!) and our toddler’s bad mood 😉 However, if you visit it outside the “peak hours”, I’m sure you’ll like it! Al Bayt Park has everything you can think of – running & cycling tracks, playgrounds, exercise areas, pitches, food kiosks, and even a manmade lake with water bikes for rent 😀 It might look familiar – it’s extremely similar to Aspire Park (even the weird tree-shaped trash bins are the same!). Be mindful, that this park is not open 24/7 – it closes at midnight and reopens early in the morning.

USEFUL TIP: If you’d like to avoid crowds, choose the middle part of the park (away from the lake).

Simaisma North beach

Approx. drive time: 25min

Our rating: 4/5

If you’re looking for a good family beach that’s not too far from Doha and doesn’t require an SUV to get to, Simaisma North is your place to go! This beach has everything you’ll need for a comfortable outing with family – pitches, gazebos, toilet facilities with showers, and BBQ pits. The water is shallow so quite safe for the little ones, and the sand by the water is, interestingly, quite muddy – our kids loved it! Be mindful that there’s a fee of 50 QAR per vehicle to access the beach, and that gates stay open until 9pm only!

USEFUL TIP: Be mindful that there are TWO public beaches in Simaisma: Simaisma Family Beach and Simaisma North Beach. We think that Simaisma North Beach is much nicer. Make sure you have correct directions set in your GPS!

Al Khor family park

Approx. drive time: 25min

Our rating: 3.5/5

Just to get one thing straight: I’m not going to endorse the zoo which is inside the park, because I’m not happy to see animals locked up for our entertainment. Having said that, the park itself is a great place to take your family. Lots of space for the kids to run around, picnic spots, a cafeteria (which opens in the afternoons), fountains and two huge shaded playgrounds. What you need to know is that the park is open from 8am to 10pm, and on Tuesdays entry is limited to women & children only.

USEFUL TIP: Tickets to the park can be bought not only at the gate, but also in selected Al Meera outlets across Doha.


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