Our favorite playgrounds in Qatar. 12 January, 2022

Our favorite playgrounds in Qatar.

One of the amazing things that all families with small kids appreciate in Qatar is the abundance of outdoor playgrounds, most of which are free for all to access! My boys got so used to visiting a different one each time that when we went to live in Poland for a while, they were upset because suddenly their choice was limited to 2 or 3 playgrounds, and they were not “fancy” enough for their liking (Qatar does spoil the kids! :)).

Considering that each park usually comes with a playground (or two, maybe three, or even more!) of its own, it took us quite some time to do our research and find out our favorites. Below you will find the top 4 playgrounds that my boys enjoy, with some extra information to let you decide if they’re worth visiting!


Not any Al Bidda Park playground, mind you! There’s one which we grew fond of in particular. It’s located on the very edge of the park, in its less popular part, opposite the Ministry of Interior building.



What we like?

— Location is great; close to the parking and public restrooms, while at the same time not too crowded.

— Suitable for all ages, which is important if the age of your kids spans from 1 to 7!

— Surrounded by vast grassy areas, perfect for picnicking while keeping an eye on the kids.

Any downsides?

— the parking is nearby, but it’s paid, which may be an issue for some.


Al Khor Family park is mostly known for the zoo that it hosts. Many people tend to forget that it’s also home to one of Qatar’s biggest playgrounds!



What we like?

— The playground is MASSIVE, quite possibly the biggest in Qatar?

— All of it is shaded, so it’s a good option even during the hotter months.

— Equipment is not crammed together, but spread across a large surface, making it more comfortable for kids (and helping to maintain basic social distancing!).

Any downsides?

— Entrance to the park is paid, and it only opens at 8am, so not ideal for the early risers 😉 Also, it’s quite a long drive from Doha!


A life saver for all families who, like us, moved to Lusail with small kids on board! Crescent Park is adjacent to the Fox Hills neighborhood which makes it perfect for quick trips if you live in Lusail and don’t feel like driving far to reach one of the better known playgrounds.



What we like?

— This playground is one of the kind, featuring more natural materials, like wood.

— It includes some pretty unusual entertainment, such as a giant stone crab, or a wooden fort.

— The playground is sandy (as opposed to the hard surface of most playgrounds in Qatar), babies and toddlers will LOVE it.

Any downsides?

One thing that really bothers me is lack of any shade (except the inside of above-mentioned play fort), which makes it unusable during the summer months.


A true hidden gem among Qatar’s playgrounds! Not many people know about it since it’s located in one of the small “neighborhood parks”, but it’s definitely one of our favorites.



What we like?

— This playground features an in-ground trampoline! Guaranteed win with most kids!

— There’s a “walk-in” (or “run-in” 😉 ) fountain right next to it – perfect for cooling down during hot months.

— This playground is inclusive! Many of the attractions are adjusted to the needs of children on wheelchairs.

Any downsides?

The park itself is pretty small, so apart from enjoying the playground, picnicking and walking in a circle there’s not much to do there!

Did you find your favorite on this list? Feel free to share it if you know anyone looking for places to take the kids! 🙂

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