Qatar: a comprehensive guide to kids birthday party venues. 16 August, 2022

Qatar: a comprehensive guide to kids birthday party venues.

If you’re a parent in Qatar, chances are that at some point you found yourself obsessing over your kids’ birthday party location. Throwing a party in an outside venue is definitely not cheap, but it’s always so much fun for the kids, and a perfect bonding opportunity for parents too ? I’ve done some research and singled out over 30 local venues which offer birthday party packages.

Full list is downloadable at the bottom of this post!

As pricing and other details are bound to be changing from time to time, it’s best if you contact the venue of your choice directly. Overall, a party for 20+ kids is a cost of at least 2,000 QAR+, on average. There are some cheaper and some much more expensive.

Here are some things worth keeping in mind while planning a birthday party with an external provider in Qatar:

Are you convinced to throw your kids birthday party in Qatar somewhere special, but unsure which venues offer this option? Click on the link below for a downloadable list in PDF, with venues sorted by type, and including details such as starting price, contact info and location!



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