Best budget breakfast spots around Doha. 25 November, 2021

Best budget breakfast spots around Doha.

Breakfast. The most important meal of the day. Or the most unnecessary one, according to my husband 😉 .

Are you all about breakfast, or do you just grab anything you happen to have in your fridge? Or maybe you skip it altogether? I can definitely live without it, but also take immense pleasure in indulging in a good meal in the morning. Especially after a workout, it just feels good.

However, considering how expensive it is to raise 3 kids in Qatar, we also had to change our approach when it comes to eating out. We are constantly on a mission to find the best deals out there. Qatar is generally pricey as far as good quality food is concerned, but there are definitely many hidden gems if you dig a bit deeper.

In my list, I included our favorite breakfast spots where you can grab something yummy to eat, and pay up to 35 QAR per person (including the beverage). I tried to categorize them from cheapest to the most expensive (but we like them all equally!) The “starting from” price includes the least expensive dish from the restaurant’s breakfast menu + a beverage, or the least expensive set menu.

Note: I didn’t consider savings apps such as the Entertainer, because not everyone has them and I’m all about equal savings opportunities ;).

So, what’s for breakfast? 🙂


Starting from 7 QAR.

Yes, you read that right! If you register as an Ikea Family member, you’re entitled to one free black coffee per day (weekends excluded). For 7 QAR you can take their cinnamon roll and voila! One of the cheapest breakfasts in town is ready 🙂 I also like their chocolate muffins, they’re big and cost 9 QAR only. They have inexpensive savory breakfast sets too, although personally, I’m not a big fan.


Starting from 12 QAR.

A great breakfast spot conveniently located in the Lusail Marina outdoor food court (other locations are available too!). Just grab your food and enjoy it on the grass or bench overlooking the sea! A wide selection of chapatis is available, both sweet and savory, for as little as 5 QAR a piece. And they’re delicious! My personal favorite is the cheese+honey one while hubby likes them with eggs. If you pair the chapati with their 7 QAR coffee, you can eat for as little as 12 QAR.


Starting from 15 QAR.

Another great option out there! Did you know that Monoprix Cafe sells mini breakfast sets of excellent value? For 15 QAR only, you’re getting a hot beverage of your choice, a small bottle of orange juice, and one of their delicious pastries! If you feel like eating more, they also have a good selection of yummy crepes. And since they collaborate with Gossip now, you can grab a cup of bubble tea on your way out!


Starting from 21 QAR.

Doha’s favorite spot for Arabic breakfast. 🙂 Options in Huda are wide and inexpensive. Various breakfast dishes cost anywhere between 15-33 QAR, and coffee is offered for 6-12 QAR. Huda is our go-to place if we’re going to the beach in the morning and we’d like to take breakfast with us. Also, their flat bread deserves recognition, it tastes amazing!

Photo courtesy of, because I always finish my food too fast and forget to photograph it!


Starting from 32 QAR.

Our most recent discovery and my husband’s ultimate favorite budget breakfast food! Crack is a tiny eatery in Najma, specializing in egg sandwiches. They are all loaded with flavor and very filling. Sandwiches are all delicious (tried and tested!) and cost between 23-25 QAR, while coffee is 9 QAR only. If you don’t feel like venturing into the crowded streets on Najma, they can deliver via the most popular delivery apps.


Starting from 33 QAR.

My list would not be complete without the good old Paul! Paul is a bit of a tricky place for breakfast – most of their breakfast dishes cost around 40-50 QAR alone, and if you add coffee and juice on top of that, you can easily hit 100 QAR per person. They do, however, have breakfast sets which are a great option! For 33 QAR you’ll get a pastry (take the almond croissant!), half baguette with butter and jam, and a hot beverage. For 16 QAR on top, you can add a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice 🙂


Starting from 35 QAR.

A true hidden gem! Bayt Al Shami (Al Shami Home) used to be my go-to place for business lunches pre-pandemic (the restaurant is right next door to the Mercedes-Benz showroom). Little did I know that they also serve great breakfast! For 70 QAR for two people, you will get: eggs, falafel, manakeesh, halloumi, fresh veggies, labneh, zaatar, jams, bread, and tea (possibly more, it’s difficult to remember everything!). The spread is huge, fresh, and yummy!


Starting from 35 QAR.

One of the best breakfasts in town at the moment, in my humble opinion! And it’s definitely underappreciated. I decided to include it even though some dishes will bring the total price a bit over the budget. Nando’s is offering a variety of pretty unique breakfasts dishes (South African & International). Prices start at 26 QAR for a hearty porridge, and go up to 49 QAR for a good-sized chicken-boerie breakfast grill. It’s possible to add coffee (or tea) to every breakfast dish for as little as 9 QAR.

I hope the list gave you some inspiration for your next breakfast trip!

Below are some honorable mentions which, although a bit more pricey overall, are still a great option for you first meal of the day:

Santa Monica Breakfast Club (in my honest opinion that’s the best breakfast in Qatar, buffet-style for 109 QAR per person),

Meesh Cafe (their bircher muesli is to die for!),

Karafirin (serving a great Turkish breakfast spread for 2 people),

Egg Tap (overall very similar to Crack, but order their French toast – it’s delicious!),

Bella Ciao (quite pricey, but they have some very unique and delicious breakfast dishes),

Anis Cafe (a hidden gem of Msheireb Downtown, healthy and delicious menu),

Rusk (definitely on the pricey side, but dishes are fresh & yummy, and their almond croissant is to die for!),

La Parisienne (great breakfast sets for 49 QAR, and you can use the Entertainer!).


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