Our favorite mobile apps that make traveling so much easier. 28 February, 2020

Our favorite mobile apps that make traveling so much easier.

Traveling can be tricky, especially with small children in tow. However, it’s now infinitely easier than it used to be a decade or two decades ago. I still remember how I had to navigate in a foreign country using a paper map, and booking a hotel was only possible either over the phone or via a travel agent.

Nowadays, we have internet access everywhere we go (almost), and lots and lots of online help (including this blog 🙂 ).

Below, I’ve listed 12 mobile apps that we found most useful during our travels. Hopefully, they will make your life easier, too!


This one doesn’t need much introduction. In case you’re not familiar with it, Skyscanner is one of many available apps that allow you to find the cheapest flights, hotels and car hire. We use it mostly for flights, as they seem to have the biggest database of all the similar apps out there, so it’s pretty easy to find what we are looking for.

There’s also a cool option to select “everywhere” as your travel destination and get inspired! There are so many destinations out there that you wouldn’t even think about. 🙂


This app is quite similar to Skyscanner. However, it seems better when it comes to flagging flights that you’re interested in, and setting price alerts. It will also give you suggestions about whether you should book immediately, or wait until prices get lower. It’s also worth mentioning that the interface is, in my opinion, more user-friendly than Skyscanner’s.


As its name suggests, this is a must-have app for anyone planning a road trip! 🙂 Once you select the starting and ending point of your trip, this app will give you countless suggestions of things to do and places to see along your way! It can be a real time saver. You can also use it to check out cool places around the area where you’re headed. Or simply choose one of the pre-made routes and follow along.


Personally, I’m a die-hard bullet journal junkie, and so I have a master packing list prepared there. However, I do realize that not everyone has time to prepare bujo spreads ahead of each trip, and might want to save time and settle for an easier solution!

PackPoint is, in my opinion, the best app out there that helps you plan what to pack for your trip. It will generate a list of items you should bring along based on the data you provide (dates, location, planned activities etc.). Of course, you’ll be able to make changes in the list once it’s generated. In most cases, it’s basically spot-on. 🙂


Behold, a jet-lag prevention app, hooray! 🙂 It contains tailor-made science-based plans that help you arrive at your destination in your best shape. Unfortunately, this app is not free. You can, however, test it (your first jet-lag plan is complimentary) and then decide whether you like it enough to buy it. 🙂 In a plan, the app will basically tell you what to do. Whether you should sleep, stay awake or have a short nap, at what time you should have your coffee, etc. It’s a really interesting concept and, apparently, it works pretty well!

Guides by Lonely Planet

It’s like a Lonely Planet guide book, in an app! It has maps that work offline, city-guides, currency converter, small dictionaries, neighborhood guides and much more. The basic version of the app is free, however, there are some in-app purchases. High quality of all the information is guaranteed – after all, it is signed by Lonely Planet. This app is a great choice if you’re not bothered to use a detailed app for every single thing that you do during your trip. 😉

Cool Cousin

Are you a fan of traveling off the beaten path and exploring cities like a local? 🙂 If so, Cool Cousin is an app for you. It will connect you to “cousins” – people from around the world, eager to share their suggestions and recommendations within their hometown. The app’s database includes over 100 cities and it’s constantly growing. You also get an opportunity to become a “cousin” yourself, if you’re passionate about the place where you live. We haven’t tested it yet, but heard great reviews from users!

XE Currency

It is exactly what it claims to be: a currency converter. 🙂 What I like about it is that it works offline, too. So if you find yourself abroad without wifi, you can still use it without any issues. Bonus points for being pretty simple and very user-friendly!

Where is Public Toilet

A life-saver app if you’re traveling with small children! Basically, it answers the question included in its name. 😀 The app features over 280,000 public toilets all around the world and it’s updated daily. Once you locate a toilet near you, the app will connect to Google Maps to guide you there. Note that when you start using it (the map, not the toilet 😉 ), you will need to download the relevant database which should take around 30 seconds if you have a decent wifi connection.

I’m not sure whether it’s available for iOS at the time when you’re reading this, but there’s a very similar app called Flush that you can get instead!

First Aid – IFRC

It’s a free and extremely user-friendly app, which will supply all necessary information regarding first aid, in various circumstances. This app is supported by Red Cross & Red Crescent societies, so you can rest assure that all information included is legit. Follow simple step-by-step instructions to guide you through everyday first aid scenarios. Or you can use it to educate yourself, which is what I’m doing. 🙂


A great app allowing you to assess the air quality in the place where you are staying (or where you’re planning to travel). It gives you the current status as well as a forecast for the next 24h. It also provides information about wind speed, temperature, UV index, and humidity. And if you want to know more, it indicates whether it’s recommended or not to undertake certain outdoor activities, too.

Places Been – Travel Tracker App

As its name suggests, this app allows you to keep track of countries, cities, and other visited places (I’m talking UNESCO sites, national parks, etc). It also allows you to create your personal Bucket List – places you’d love to visit. A must-have for all the crazy travelers out there!

At the time when I’m writing this, Places Been app is, unfortunately, only available on Android devices. A similar app for iOS is called Visited.


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