Polish Christmas: Drinking Game! ;) 26 December, 2019

Polish Christmas: Drinking Game! ;)

Yesterday, while enjoying a cup of coffee and WAY too much cake, I had been looking for ideas for a new post (better late than never!). I knew I’d like to introduce you to celebrating Christmas in Poland, but I also knew I’d like to keep it light and wouldn’t want to bore you to death. 🙂

One thing is certain: celebrating this festive season comes loaded with stereotypes, no matter where you live! In Poland, some behaviors derive from the past, some are still very much present in more traditional households. 😉 I gathered the most common ones and turned them into something that most of you can use: a Drinking Game 😀 Feel free to use it today!

Please take this with a grain of salt though: obviously, not everyone’s celebration looks like that! Also, I do love Christmas! There is nothing better than time spent with family. Those quirky behaviors just add more charm to the celebration. 🙂

Prepare your drinks and have fun!


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