Currently reading… My top 5 chick-lit picks for a rainy day! 24 January, 2020

Currently reading… My top 5 chick-lit picks for a rainy day!

Did you know that the 3rd Monday of January is called “Blue Monday” and is claimed to be the most depressing day of the year? And even though I don’t really agree with labeling a certain day in such a way, I can’t help but notice that (in Poland) it kinda is sort of gloomy and sad. With temperatures around 5’C and a constant cloud cover, even the most resilient of us are bound to feel out of sorts, myself included.

My instant remedy to any kind of mood spoiler is curling up on a sofa with a cup of hot coffee and a book. I read everything, from YA novels to biographies, but chick-lit is what I choose at times like this.

Below you’ll find my top 5 mood-boosting light reads. Enjoy!


the other side of the story

Marian Keyes is my go-to author if I feel like reading something light, yet not too tacky and obvious. I’ve found THE OTHER SIDE OF THE STORY in my local library. The book is light and easy to read. It tells a story of three women, all of them obsessed with their relationships :D, which makes it a perfect “guilty pleasure” read for all us girls out there! Gemma is on about her ex, supposedly “stolen” by her BFF, Lily. Lily is obsessed with him, too (obviously, since he’s her boyfriend now), but also about Gemma and the possibility of her revenge. Jojo is crazy about her married boss, and yes, you guessed it right: they are having an affair. Lots of juicy drama follows. The only downside for me was how annoying some of the characters are (I’m looking at you, Lily Wright!), but if you look past it, it’s a really good book for a rainy day!


american royals

This book came highly recommended by one of my absolutely favorite bloggers – Grace Atwood. It’s as entertaining as it is… different. 🙂 It tells a story of a world where America is a monarchy, ruled by the House of Washington. It is exactly what the title suggests: a tale of the American royals. Namely: Princess Beatrice (first in line to the throne), her sister Princess Samantha, and Samantha’s twin brother – Prince Jefferson. Reading AMERICAN ROYALS feels a bit like watching a soap opera, highly entertaining, even though there’s not much of a plot to follow. 😉 Also, if you’re a fan of the British Royal Family, you will find this book right up your alley!


the proposal

This book has received a lot of mixed reviews. Readers were complaining that it’s basic and lacks depth. Which is exactly why I placed on my “rainy day reads” list. 🙂 I’m pretty sure you will be able to breeze through it during one rainy afternoon. The story follows Nikole, a freelance journalist, who gets proposed to on a scoreboard of a stadium full of people, and (surprise surprise) turns the guy down. Oops. She’s rescued from the angry crowd by Carlos, a hot pediatrician, and so their story begins… 🙂 I loved the plot, cozily predictable, I also loved the diversity of characters in this book. I guess now I’ll have to buy THE WEDDING DATE, which is supposed to be its prequel… 😀


save the date

Another one of Grace Atwood’s picks! And this one is truly entertaining! Charlie comes back to her family home to participate in her sister’s wedding. She’s really looking forward to the family reunion and making some great memories. But everything seems to be going wrong. Those three days will be memorable alright, but for all the wrong reasons! This book made me laugh, and swoon, and wish I had lots of money to buy everything Morgan Matson has ever written. 🙂 Also, in my humble opinion this would make a perfect rom-com on screen! Take the hint, Hollywood. 😉


to all the boys i've loved before

The last book on my list is a young adult read. I am definitely guilty of indulging in a YA novel every once in a while. And this one didn’t disappoint! Lara Jean is 16, and has an unusual hobby. Whenever she has a crush on a guy, she writes him a letter telling him how she feels. Except she never sends it, only stuffs it in a box hidden under her bed. All is well until one day she discovers that her precious box is gone, and someone has sent all the letters she’s written. Big oops! 😀 Lara Jean has to deal with the mess that follows and boy, it’s entertaining!


There you have it, my chick-lit picks for a rainy day!

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