Qatar National Sports Day 2020. 07 February, 2020

Qatar National Sports Day 2020.

Each year, on the 2nd Tuesday of February, people in Qatar divide into two camps:

“It’s Sports Day, no work today!” camp, and

“It’s Sports Day, let’s go out and do something fun! (And, there’s no work today!)” camp.

Please read on, if you think you might belong to the second group. 🙂

Qatar National Sports Day is upon us, and it will be a fun one! Unfortunately, I’ll spend it outside of Qatar, for the first time in 7 years. Hubby is in Doha though, and he will try to make us both proud by attempting to outdo what we did back in 2019! What is that all about? Last year we went all in and set a crazy goal for ourselves: to walk at least 40,000 steps (without kids, of course 😀 ). And if that wasn’t challenging enough, there should be at least one 2km run included in the step count.

Spoiler alert: we did it! So this year, Khaled will try to do more. I hope he succeeds, even though it will be no fun without me, obviously. 😉

Since I know that not all of you would want to spend a whole day walking around, I’ve compiled a list of alternative activities for everyone to enjoy on 11th of February!

Golf Competition @ Doha Golf Club

Fees: 800 QAR for 2 players

About: starting at 7am, a Mixed 20% Combined Handicap Texas Scramble Competition, open to Members & Visitors, registration required (HERE).

LADIES ONLY: Qatar National Sports Day @ Losail International Circuit

Fees: FREE!

About: a ladies-only (boys under 9 years allowed) event running from 9am to 7pm. Includes many activities, such as cycling, fitness classes, healthy lifestyle workshops, activities for children and much more.

Qatar National Sports Day @ Marsa Malaz Kempinsky

Fees: FREE!

About: starting at 9 am, Marsa Malaz Kempinsky will offer complimentary access to their beach, health club, and a kids playroom! There are loads of activities planned for both adults and kids.

Aspire Zone

Fees: FREE!

About: Sports Day activities in Aspire Zone will start at 8am and last until 3pm. Full schedule is available to download HERE.

Events with registration available online:

— Fun Run

2.5km run between The Torch Hotel and Khalifa Int. Stadium. It starts at 8am.

— Run & Bike

Over a distance of 5km, two partners: a runner and a cyclist switch the bike and the baton every 2.5km, each at his own rhythm until they cross the finish line together. Between The Torch Hotel and Khalifa Int. Stadium. It starts at 10am.

Fun Run @ Al Waab

Fees: FREE!

About: not to be confused with Aspire’s Fun Run! 🙂 The one in Al Waab is a 3km run, starting at 10am. Participants of the main run have to be 16 years or older, however, there will be activities for younger kids as well.

Qatar National Sports Day @ Aqua Tots (swim schools)

Fees: FREE!

About: running from 3pm till 5pm, registration required: 779 066 77 or

Opening of Al Bayt Stadium Park

Fees: FREE!

About: A brand new park is scheduled to officially open on the 11th of February! It is located next to Al Bayt Stadium (Al Khor area) and features tree-lined pedestrian walkways, lakes and other water features, and a large play area. Outdoor eateries are also planned, there’s no information though whether they will be open immediately.

Doha Festival City

Fees: FREE!

About: DFC will host a number of sports activities, not only on the 11th of Feb! Running and cycling marathons for adults and children will be held on both Fridays and Saturdays throughout the month of February, from 8am to noon. A “Sports for All Zone” will be set up in the Angry Birds World outdoor section and will include quick health check-ups (daily throughout the month of February from 4pm to 10pm, and 8am to 10pm on the 11th of Feb). Plus, even more events on the Sports Day itself!

Qatar Foundation

Fees: FREE!

About: Qatar Foundation will run a whole range of activities during the Sports Day, for both adults and children. Those activities are free, but you’ll have to register HERE.

Katara Cultural Village

Fees: FREE!

About: Similar to Aspire Zone and Qatar Foundation, a whole range of Sports Day activities will take place in Katara. Events run throughout the day and do not require prior registration.

Mental Sports Day at Qatar National Library (10.02.2020)

Fees: FREE!

About: This event is running on the 10th of Feb (Monday). Various activities for families aimed to challenge your mind! It’s free, but spaces are limited and assigned on the first-come-first-served basis.


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