Qatar: a comprehensive guide to nurseries. 18 February, 2020

Qatar: a comprehensive guide to nurseries.

UPDATED: July 2021

In this update, I have removed some nurseries from the list. Some closed down, some were unresponsive and had no online presence.

In case a nursery is active online, but did not respond to my request for updated information, I kept the last known information in the spreadsheet and made a note next to the nursery name.

After I published my Comprehensive Guide to Private Schools in Doha, many moms contacted me, asking if a similar spreadsheet would be available for nurseries in Qatar. To be perfectly honest, I’ve never really considered doing it. In the end, there’s a great resource out there provided by Doha Mums. But then I gave it some thought and decided it might actually be a good idea to prepare sort of an overview with all basic info, to be able to shortlist certain places before a more in-depth investigation.

Personally, we have experience with Apple Tree nursery in Al Waab (for Adam), as well as Tots Corner nursery in Maamoura (for Danny) both of which we strongly recommend.

A couple of things to consider…

While checking out the spreadsheet, please consider that I included most of the best-known nurseries in town. However, I tried to limit the list to those with a good reputation. In the end, we all want what’s best for our little ones!

For example, if I have heard repetitive negative opinions about a certain nursery, I wouldn’t include it.

Most listed nurseries are following a British EYFS program (with Montessori elements). If the curriculum is radically different, I mentioned it next to the name of the nursery.

In case you know of a place that’s not on the list (but should be!), please drop me an email at! I would be happy to accommodate it. 🙂

Also, I tried to fill in all the information in accordance with what I’ve found online or received from the nursery itself. However, it might happen that some of it is not accurate (the website was not updated etc.). Please let me know if that’s the case – I will correct the spreadsheet.

You can find the spreadsheet with nurseries in Qatar here:


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