My favorite cafes to work remotely around Doha and Lusail. 10 August, 2021

My favorite cafes to work remotely around Doha and Lusail.

If you’re anything like me, you have probably welcomed the concept of “work from home” with your arms wide open. Because of the current situation, more and more companies are allowing their employees to continue working remotely, at least for a part of a week. Luckily for us, work from home does not actually have to be done at home (imagine trying to work with 3 kids running/crawling around!). For busy parents like me, Qatar’s plentiful cafes come to the rescue.

I am fortunate to have been able to stay out of the office for almost a year now! And promptly use this opportunity to travel around Doha & Lusail, in search of the best places to sit with my laptop and get some work done.

I admit that I’m quite picky and cannot focus enough just anywhere (unlike my hubby who’s able to turn even an Ikea restaurant into a remote office – a serious life skill if you ask me! :D).

The place that works for me has to meet certain criteria:

— Be cozy and not too crowded.

— Have comfortable seating, for laptop use and my picky backside!

— Include free wifi (although it’s not an absolute must because I carry my own portable wifi device).

— Have sockets available to charge the laptop (this IS a must since the battery in my Surface Pro is very unreliable).

— Ideally not too expensive!

So which places meet the criteria? Where can you find me on a usual working day? In my selection, I tried to pick places spread across Doha and Lusail, so that anyone can find one close to where they stay.

Below are my top 5 cafes to work remotely (in no particular order), one runner-up, and of course hubby’s choice. 🙂

1. The budget option: Caribou Coffee, Al Sadd (C-Ring) branch

cafe to work remotely in Al Sadd, Caribou

This particular branch of Caribou is a go-to place for many people who work remotely in Al Sadd and neighboring areas. So much so, in fact, that you can hardly spot anyone there who is NOT on their phone / laptop / having a meeting. On top of that, it’s a very budget-friendly option, and it’s available on the Urban Point app.



— The most pocket-friendly of all my favorites.

— Office vibe is definitely there!

— Open 24/7.


— Parking can be tricky (I got a ticket there once, don’t be like me and be careful where you park!).

— Gets crowded fast, to secure a good spot you should be there before 9am.

My order

A medium-sized latte.

2. The obvious choice: Starbucks, Aspire Park branch

cafe to work remotely in Al Waab, Starbucks

I believe that among all cafes, Starbucks is the one that is best known to those who work remotely in Doha, Qatar (and abroad!). However, in my personal opinion, most of their outlets don’t make the cut. I’m generally opposed to working from cafes located inside malls – for me, they just lack the vibe! There is, however, one particular Starbucks where I really enjoy getting my work done: the Aspire Park branch. Most of you know it for its drive-thru service, but do check out the upstairs seating section – it’s quiet and perfect to get your office mode on!



— Calm and usually quite empty.

— Open 24h.

— Located by the park, if you fancy a walk during your work break!


— Because of the pandemic restrictions, the number of good seating spots has been reduced.

— Coffee, if you’re not a fan of dark roast!

My order

Hot double shot, tall.

3. The upscale one: Calm Street, Lusail (Marina)

cafe to work remotely in Lusail, Calm Street

For the past months, I’ve been discovering more and more great cafes to work remotely around Lusail. It’s especially important for me now, since we moved there. There are quite a few good options around Lusail (most of them in the Marina), but the one that stands out for me is Calm Street. I consider it upscale, as it serves signature coffee and prices are quite high, but it’s definitely worth a visit from time to time.



— Big spaces with a very private vibe.

— Coffee tastes SO good!

— They have San Sebastian cheesecake on the menu, and it’s yum! 🙂


— Parking situation! It’s next to impossible to find street parking, and the nearby underground parking is expensive!

— Coffee prices – I called it “upscale” for a reason.

My order

A good old latte.

4. The hidden gem: Biblio Cafe, The Pearl (Qanat Quartier)

cafe to work remotely in The Pearl, Biblio

This cafe is one of my most recent discoveries. I’ve seen it many times during my walks in Qanat Quartier, but I’d never actually gone inside until recently. Biblio cafe is truly made with those who work or study remotely in mind. All tables are adjusted to laptops, seating is super comfy, and the vibe is amazing. An honorable mention goes to all the books that are available there for everyone to enjoy! They also offer meeting rooms for rent. What more to ask for? 🙂



— The best vibe for working, studying, or reading!

— Inexpensive meeting rooms for rent (starting at 40 QAR / hour).

— Spacious and almost never crowded.


— Don’t see any! If I really had to pick on something, I’d say it’s quite a walk away from the nearest public parking.

My order

Spanish latte.

5. The one close to my home: Location Coffee, Lusail (Lusail University)

cafe to work remotely in Lusail, Location

Yet another great place to work remotely in Lusail. Location Coffee is special because it is very “office-friendly” and only a 5min drive from my home! I thought I will be destined to travel to the Marina every time I want to work from a cafe, and I’m super happy that’s not the case!



— Seating is very comfy & at the same time work-ready.

— Nice healthy breakfast choices.

— Plenty of free parking around.


— Coffee is on the pricey side (although prices of food are quite reasonable – go figure!).

— Location is not ideal if you don’t live in Lusail.

My order

Iced latte.

The runner-up: Espresso Lab, Al Sadd (DoubleTree by Hilton) branch

cafe to work remotely in Al Sadd, Espresso Lab

To be perfectly honest, hotel cafes are not my default option to work remotely. They just don’t feel right. In my mind, they’re made for social gatherings or quiet dates. This one is a bit different though. First of all, Espresso Lab is a local chain, so technically doesn’t belong to a hotel. Secondly, DoubleTree by Hilton is what I call a “city hotel” – great standard, but a more relaxed vibe. I like Espresso Lab for its interior design (there’s a bar with sockets – a perfect workstation), calm vibe, and friendly non-intrusive staff.



— Great central location.

— Available on Urban Point & Entertainer.

— Doesn’t get crowded.


— Inside a hotel (for me it’s a downside 😉 ).

— Very few tables (it will be an issue in case it ever gets crowded 😉 ).

My order

Flat white.

Hubby’s choice: Meesh Cafe, Najma (Crowne Plaza – The Business Park)

cafe to work remotely in Najma, Meesh

I have to shamefully admit that I completely forgot about the good old Meesh while preparing my list! And then, when I asked hubby about his preference, I was reminded that there’s this great place right in the middle of one of the busiest areas in Doha! Hubby loves Meesh for its comfy seating and large tables, perfect to work on the laptop. I will add to that their menu selection and healthy food options to choose from!



— You can use Valet Parking at Crowne Plaza Hotel next door – super convenient.

— Proper big tables, in case you need more than your laptop to work.

— Good choice of food with many healthy options.


— Location. Traffic in the area gets pretty bad.

My order

Raspberry cold tea (sorry, coffee!).


There it is – my list of cafes to work remotely in Doha and Lusail! Feel free to drop me a message if you feel I’ve forgotten anything!


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