Monthly fun stuff – October 2019. 31 October, 2019

Monthly fun stuff – October 2019.

Sharing is caring, right? With that in mind, I’ve come up with the “Monthly fun stuff” format, to be able to point you towards all the awesomeness I’ve come across online and offline, throughout the month.

Let’s start with my October faves!

On the Web.

— If you know me, you’ve probably already realized that I’m a crazy hygge lady (which is why spending autumn in cold and rainy Poland is bringing me so much joy :D). In line with today’s weather in Gdańsk, have a look at this Hygge Style SmarterPack by The Skimm. I might or might not own a couple of those items already…

— Good news to all the cat people out there! Study shows that Your Cat Might Actually Care You Exist.

— And yet another study (I am truly educating y’all today!), this time beverage-related. Brains of Regular Tea Drinkers Are More Well-Organized And Efficient. Yay!

Music discoveries.

The BEST background music for work I’ve found so far. In fact, listening to it while I’m writing this. 🙂

Book of the month.

“Whispers Underground” by Ben Aaronovitch.

Ben Aaronovitch started his career by writing for Doctor Who, which should tell you more or less what to expect from his books. 🙂 “Whispers Underground” is a part of his Rivers of London series, and my favorite book in the series so far. Aaronovitch seamlessly combines my all-time favorite genres: urban fantasy and a good old thriller. Also, his books are funny. Like, laugh out loud kind of funny, at least for me!

The main hero of the series is Peter Grant, a London constable and an apprentice of the last registered wizard in England (yup, you read that right!). His job is basically investigating crimes involving magic (hooray!). I’ll tell no more – if that sounded appealing, go grab yourself a copy for those long cold evenings (unless you reside in Qatar, that is. 😉 ).

TED Talk of the month.

Most of you probably know who Shonda Rhimes is. At least you think you do. Here, she shares the “behind the scenes” of her work and how she unexpectedly found a perfect balance between her job and… everything else. Prepare to feel inspired!